A Big Thank You and a Reminder about the Game Time Changes and Parking on Saturday!

Posted by brevard flag football on Jan 25 2019 at 10:15AM PST

A super big thank you to Max and Craig Orndoff who secured our $500 donation from United Launch Alliance through their company program. We appreciate your support!

The 9:00 games are starting 15 minutes earlier at 8:45 am
The 10:15 games have been pushed 30 minutes later to 10:45 pm
The 12:00 games have been pushed 30 minutes later to 12:30 pm

This should help alleviate the parking areas congestion while the games are turning over.

Please do not block anyone in!

When parking in the North lot (Boat Overflow) please do not double park if you do not know the person that you would possibly be blocking in. If you do block someone, you possibly will be ticketed by the Sheriff’s department. If you park along N. Banana River Dr. and are blocking the sidewalk you will be ticketed by the Sheriff’s department and or possibly towed. We support ticketing and or towing for both of these issues.

If you cannot find a spot in the North lot, please park in the South lot, and or, the South lot overflow area (dirt parking lot). Please do not park in the road beside the fence entering or leaving the park on the South end or you will be ticketed by the Sheriff’s department and or possibly towed. When parking in the South Overflow please park side by side facing North or South and please do not block, move or interfere with the cones that will direct access to the parking along the back side.

If you require a handicap spot there are some located in front of the playground in the South Parking lot area. If you need other assistance with parking, please contact your coach who will speak to us about the request and we will do our best to assist you.

If you do not have another child playing in another time slot please try and exit the fields as quickly as possible.

Please be considerate of all while parking and we will all have a better experience enjoying watching our kids have fun and play.